GM Boris Kreiman

After years of hard work, Boris finally locked up his final GM norm at the US Championship in Seattle. A dangerous player for many years, he's been given the respect accorded to many GMs by his opponents and peers, who know that he's capable of beating anyone. Boris Krieman has won many titles including the 1993 US Junior Championship at the age of 17. Despite having taken some time off recently to pursue his studies, Boris is still quite sharp, as evidenced by his finish in Seattle where he tied for 3rd. Like fellow Masters participant Dean Ippolito, Boris believes that he must have a sound body to go along with his sound mind, and his many hours in the gym and studying martial arts make him as dangerous in a fight as over the board. An agressive 1. e4 player with white, he's not afraid to go into the main lines of many openings, trusting on his theoretical knowledge and understanding. As black, he tends to favor Gruenfelds, Kings Indians, and Sicilians.