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Justin Sarkar

New York, USA





48% (144/296)




Semi Slav


IM Justin Sarkar

This friendly, yet soft spoken 23 year old Columbia University student received his IM title about a year ago. He showed his chess talent at a young age, winning the US Cadet Championship in 1997. He has been ranked number 1 in the country in his age group on numerous occasions. In 1998 he was ranked number 1 for ages 15-16 and in 2000 he was ranked number 1 for ages 17-18. He is a very well rounded player, who is not yet so experienced in action chess and this has caused him some troubles so far. He keeps getting to the top boards, but then losing to the GM's. His favorite opening is the French defense, as he has played his entire career. He has even defeated 3 time US Champion GM Joel Benjamin in tournament play using the French. We can be sure that with persistence and some seasoning, Justin will start to score more against the GMs in the Tuesday Night Masters. To see a very nice attacking game Sarkar played against IM Vivek Rao click here