USCF Rating-

FIDE Rating-

NY Masters Win%-

Money Won -

White Opening-

Opening vs e4-

Opening vs d4-

Pascal Charbonneau

Montreal, Quebec, Canada





72% (19.5/27)



Various Sicilians

Chigorin / Queen's Gambit Accepted


IM Pascal Charbonneau

Reigning Canadian Champion since 2002

Pascal Charbonneau is a tremendous up-and-coming talent with one flaw, he’s Canadian. But seriously, International Master Pascal Charbonneau, current Canadian champion and student at UMBC, is an amazing talent with an excellent ability to calculate deeply in complicated positions. He shows no fear with the white pieces, playing e4 with reckless abandon, and despite his somewhat shaky repertoire against d4, including the Queen’s Gambit Accepted and Chigorin defenses, he still manages to compile some very impressive wins against Grandmasters. Not only has Pascal been awarded many individual accolades, but he competes effectively in team competition as well, joining fellow good looking guys Evan Rosenberg and Ben Johnson, along with Samson Benen, professional troll, at the USATE, and he was an integral part of the Canadian Olympiad teams in Istanbul 2000 and Bled 2002. Pascal has also won many Canadian Junior Championships and has won the Championship of Quebec. As a 17 year old FIDE Master, Pascal defeated Greek GM Igor Miladinovic in a 6 game match 3.5-2.5, despite being 240 points lower rated than Miladinovic. His success at the New York Masters will no doubt continue.