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NY Masters Win%-

Money Won -

White Opening-

Opening vs e4-

Opening vs d4-

Yuri Lapshun






66% (109/165)


b4 and d4

Many openings

Many openings


IM Yury Lapshun

Yuri is known for his wild, crazy and innovative style. He is completely unpredictable, as he can play almost any opening. This makes him a very streaky player. He has recently gotten his last IM norm and has officially received the IM title. Yuri has been playing b4 a lot these days, and itís always exciting to see him play the Orangutang against GMís, although most of the time these experiences are not pleasant ones for Lapshun. In his last GM Orangutang experience, against Stripunsky, he had a much worse position after 7 moves. Yuri is a very strong fighter and was able to hold the GM to a draw. Yuri has shown that he was severly underrated at 2450 and is now always has a chance for the top prizes at the NY Masters. He is ranked 61st in the nation as of August 2004.