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White Opening-

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Greg Shahade

Philadelphia PA, USA





60% (96.5/162)



Najdorf Sicilian



IM Greg Shahade

Greg Shahade is a strong IM who has achieved one GM norm, in Bermuda 2001.Greg's tactical skill, fighting spirit and sheer speed have made him a difficult opponent even for experienced GMs like Novikov, Stripunsky and Benjamin. He makes it a point to never give quick draws away with the white pieces, regardless of his opponent. Agressive openings like the Dragon, Najdorf and Gruenfeld are staples of Greg's style, ensuring him active piece play. He also has a great penchant for finding tactical shots in a short amount of time. One of his weaknesses is that his positional play does not compare to his tactical abilities, and this is where the GMs have the best chance to outplay him. This and his sometimes lazy opening preparation may be the missing link towards earning his GM title. He is currently ranked number 72 in the USA.

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